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"It wasn't easy"

From the looks of it any man would guess that the Gallardo with its straight lines and gentle curves would be a child's play when painting it on paper would be concerned. And this brings back to me the old saying that what seems the most simple is in fact the toughest. I believe it was Sherlock Holmes who immortalised this idea over a century back and he wasn't wrong.

I have been painting cars for well over eight years now and most of them, I admit, have not been regular production cars but designs of prototypes. With paintings as these it is much easier to create than to copy. To begin with, the initiation of the painting in question began with a ruler and a calculator. Each straight line, however small, each intersection, each gentle curve, each bend had to be carefully measured out. Any error and it wouldn't be a Gallardo. It would be something else. To give you an idea of the work involved, it took me three and a half hours just to get the sketching completed. And in total about a hundred and fifty calculations. So much so that I can now recite from memory how much a certain xy.z multiplyed by x.y makes.

Its always the wheels and the sides of a cars that presents the most problems. The wheels are completely round only when the car is seem from its side or its profile. At all other times, depending on the angle of view it is oval to a varying degree. The three side curves, two upwards and one downwards are not easy either. Interestingly they form a platform for reference for the entire car.

Talking of references the height of the first upward curve and that of the second upward curve are crucial mesurements to provide precise details of the size of the other parts. Also the distance between the two wheels and the length of metal between them are important. The maximum height of the painting and its maximum length are what were first measured as they are the most important measurements. Taken together they form a box within which all the other measurements have to be made.

Yes it wasn't easy, but it was fun; especially the challenge. And if you ever try to paint the same picture yourself you'll understand what I mean. I hope the ultimate buyer will enjoy the work as much as I have enjoyed making it."

With best wishes

Sayanhya Roy

© 2003 Zoar Khyronov
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