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If you have a good Lamborghini site to your credit how about considering linking it to us. After all it would cost you nothing and will only serve to direct more and more traffic to your site. Linking your site to us is easy. All you have to do is send in your site for review to the webmaster whose e-mail ID has been given below. If you really want to know who the webmaster is well it is me. I will personally visit all the sites that has been submitted. This work will take a little time but your patience will be rewarded. Unlike Yahoo where submission is always a matter of gamble, sites submitted to this page will be listed within a few days at the most. But before you hasten off to submitting your site please read the guidelines carefully. This will help me in indexing your site properly.

  • Submit your site only once. Please do not spam. Once you have submitted, it is enough. Ofcourse if your site hasn't been included even after two weeks of your submission then you may submit it again. This service is e-mail based and breakdowns can happen.
  • Submit your site to the correct listing. See all the listing below. It is quite easy to follow.
  • Please submit only Lamborghini sites here. I will not include sites containing any other model. But ofcourse if you have made a site on, say, Exotic Cars and there is a page there on any Lamborghini Car I'll include that. No problem.
  • Provide your URL carefully. After all that is all what the effort is all about.
  • Mention properly in the subject coloumn of your e-mail the proper catagory. That is very important.

This service is fast and easy and I hope that you will benefit from it. All that you will have to do now is e-mail your site to me with the proper catagory in the subject coloumn and if possible a short description of the site. Please note that each site will be personally reviewed by me.

Sites will be seperated into the following catagories :

Makes & Models

  • Miura
  • Countach
  • Diablo
  • Murcielago

Don't worry if I have left out a model or two. As long as it is a Lamborghini all models are equally welcome. And I'll create a new catagory to include them in as well.


  • Lamborghini Cars Sales
  • Lamborghini Memorabillia Sales

Again if I have missed anything don't worry I'll add them later on and your site will be included. Promise.

Ready to submit your site? Good. Just mail me at . To have your site listed in this directory you will have to place a link to this site in your site as well. This is really a small favour to ask and just as easy. Just copy the code below to your site. When I visit the requested pages I will look for the link. Please do not remove it at any time. I will re-review the sites submitted periodically to see if they have been refreshed. I would expect the link to be there. Please do not modify the code.

So what are you waiting for! Hurry today and mail me your site now to get listed.

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The specifications provided are to the best of my knowledge accurate. However the reader must bear no grudges if they are found to be otherwise.
The author wishes to extend his thanks to Web Artists Inc. towards their valuable inputs in the form of friendly suggestions. Thank you fellows !