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Khyronov Blue
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Khyronov Blue

Khyronov Blue is a small but elite consortium of web designers, search engine optimisers, website promotors and consultants. In fact it is a subsidiary of Web Artists. Inc, the elite design and developement firm that specialises in high end site designs for corporates. Khyronov Blue has been founded with an intention of providing non-corporate clients with high quality web designing, developement, optimisation, promotional services and consultancy. Our clients are people like you who are in possession of an idea but not in the possession of the big moolah that one generally associates with a good web designing service. In fact all that you would have to shell out for all our services together will not set you back by more than 150 Euros*. So you can have your own website designed by people from WAI for as ridiculous a sum as 150 Euros*. We bet none can beat us to that.

* For a minimum of 10 pages including the home page.

Web Designing

Khyronov Blue has a small but dedicated number of professionals designing international quality web pages using their expertise at this field. We use not just the latest technology but use it to bring about the much required aesthetic appeal. Web designing is in our blood and we swear by it. The designs, crafted to perfection by our dedicated designers, will bring a twinkle to you eyes. With excellent understanding of the matter we are able to focus on certain key components of web designing that make our designs easily navigatable. Excellent graphics coupled with striking special effects make your site look not just contemporary but often out-of-the-world. So whether your needs is for a personal page that contains your poems, or a page dedicated to your hobby, or a fan site, an information site, a recepie site or for that matter any site we will design each page with the same unending care.

Search Engine Optimisation

The one thing that we are really good at is search engine optimisation. Each site designed by us is optimised before being uploaded on the net. Surprisingly Khyronov Blue does not ask for any extra charges for search engine optimisation. This service is free. Think of Lamborghini Cars or for that matter our parent site of WAI. Both are available right on the first page of Google. Lamborghini Cars is on second position now, that despite the fact that the site has been hosted on a free-server. It will tell you just how good we are.

Website Promotion

Again another of our freebies. Every site designed by us is submitted to all the major search engines free of cost. We go to each search site manually and submit the site. For others we take the help of some of the best search engine submitters available on the net.


To know more about Khyronov Blue drop a letter to our Chief co-ordinator at the following address.

Mr. Sayanhya Roy
Khyronov Blue
E - 898, 1st Floor
Chittranjan Park
New Delhi - 110019.

Tel. no. 91 - 9811999795 (only after 13:00 hrs. GMT or 19:00 hrs IST)

E-mail :