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One the first of January 2003 was launched to consolidate the interests of Lamborghini fans worldwide. Today, three years later we are proud to state that we receive visitors from more than eighty different countries world-wide. From our humble beginings - with just a few pages containing detailed specifications of the Miura, Countach, Diablo and the Murcielago - we have along these months included innovative features such as a Lamborghini News section to begin with. Then came The Ferruccio Lamborghini Discussion Board, created in honour of the late Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of Lamborghini. Further additions included the full specifications of the recently launched Lamborghini Gallardo (pronounced Gay-ar-do), then the guestbook, the Lamborghini Link Directory, the Lamborghini Sales Club; and to top it all, also a Lamborghini Art Gallery. As this site grew so did our viewership base. This was greatly helped by the fact that retained, through-out these ten months almost a constant top position in all of the best and the most demanding search engines on the internet; this despite the fact that the site had been hosted on a freeserver. In this regard we would like to extend out high gratitude to all at for allowing us the priviledge to host our site on their servers and thank them for the excellent service they have rendered to us.

Through-out these three years we have regularly updated this site with new features and pictures; also new specifications. But perhaps our most prominent feature happens to be the Lamborghini News section. Updated as and when we find the most interesting bit of news on Lamborghini, the section has proven to be the most loved amongst all of our sections. We scour the net for all the best and the most relevant news from the world of Lamborghini and bring them to you so that you may remain updated. At the same time your opinions count and to enhance it we set up our poll section which has met with an astounding success over the last few months that it has been operational. We thank all those who took time out to participate in the polls. Further more has tied up with Google to lauch a Site Search option for those seeking specific informations. The last thing we added was The Short History Of Automobili Lamborghini, an article tracing the history of the marque from its humble beginings to its present glory days. In the days to come we will be topping that with a pictoral history of lamborghini cars. Expect to see and read all about every car that Lamborghini has ever made in its fourty years of car making. At Lamborghini Cars we do really believe in opening the world of Lamborghini for you to experience.

© 2003 Zoar Khyronov