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Visitors from more than eighty two countries in one month...45% - 50% traffic from the United States alone...visitors from countries such as Monaco, UK, Italy, Germany, Japan...visitors from even the Antarctica!!! They come here as ardent Lamborghini fans. They are the real 'petrol-heads'. Shouldn't you be reaching out to them?

We reach even the farthest corner of the globe, attracting viewers with our unique site-contents. Make your ads travel with us. We have recently conceptualised this new section dedicated to those who wish to place a classified ad in this site.

Our rates are as follows : US$ 3 for upto 250 characters and US$ 1 per subsequent 100 characters. Characters do not include spaces. An additional charge of US$ 2 will be charged for photo ads.

For more details please contact along with the text of your ad.

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